Zambia Kosher Tours with Africa Kosher Tours

 Zambia Kosher Tours Highlights:

>> Fly to Zambia

>> Visit Chobe National Park for a big five safari experience

>> Experience the majesty of the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls

>> Return flight to Port Elizabeth for the Garden Route segment

Chobe National Park – Zambia

Botswana’s Chobe National Park is a must-see natural beauty. Covering 12 000-km and consisting of four different ecosystems, river, swamp and seasonal marshland area, the floodplains, and woodlands, the Chobe National Park is home to four of the majestic Big Five and other animal and plant species. The park is widely known for its spectacular elephant population. It contains an estimated 50,000 elephants, perhaps the highest elephant concentration of Africa. The Park offers adventures from game drives to river cruises, brilliant birdwatching and outstanding photographic opportunities at the photogenic Okavango Delta.

Victoria Falls & Zambezi River

Marvel at the Big Five and experience some of Africa’s most magnificent watery wonderland while touring the Zambezi River and the thundering, majestic Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. This destination is home to unique plant and animal life, some of which are indigenous to the area. The spray from the Falls will leave you drenched and Rainforest is the only place on earth where it rains all day creating a unique environment, everyday. Guests can discover the Falls through so many activities, these include bungee jumping, boat cruising, jet boating and white water rafting.