Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Pilanesberg Kosher Safari  Tours

>> Experience Big Five game viewing on day and night drives

>> Stay in luxurious accommodation

>> Fully guided Kosher safari experience

>> Guided Big Five bush walks available

Kosher Safari tours in Pilanesberg Game Reserve, North West Province

A Guest’s Perspective

Pilanesberg Wednesday 27th
there were 2 ways – we had a walking trip in the game reserve for 8 people and the Jeep for the rest. Refaela was too young to go on walking tour. they saw lion.
So i can tell you about the walking tour. we left at 6h30am in the morning. David, Chasida, Yaakov, Myself, Angie & David, Yocheved and Avigayil – we started at an area near a water hole. we walked for about 2-3 hours and had a most wonderful and amazing experience. it was jolly cold in the morning – and then it warmed up. we had 2 rangers, and only one had a rifle. it was so quiet.
We saw jackal, different tracks, zebra, giraffe, hippo & Wildbeest.
We came back for breakfast and activities. All the girls went and had spas -divine.
The big boys – David, Yaakov and Naftali and Shelly went on RV’s i think they called. David and Refaela went shooting and archery.
Then we all came back for our evening drive.
We got to see elephant, buffalo, more rhino, zebra and other animals. We finished with seeing a hot air balloon with the sunset.
We came back for a nice hot kosher meal.

We stayed at the Ivory Tree Lodge – which is one of the camps/lodges in the Pilanesberg. I had never stayed there before. Usually when I went there I either stayed at one of the hotels of Sun City or kwa Maritane. So this was a new experience for me too. Shoshana came with her granddaughter, Abigail. Shoshana had catered the whole safari tour. We had 3 kosher meals / day. we stayed there for Tuesday and Wednesday night.
The accommodation consisted of a bungalow with a porch, 2 single beds, with mosquito nets, a bathroom & a large tub (which hot water trickled in very very very slow) and a shower outside.
Then there were communal areas to eat, pool, lounge around. We arrived around 1pm and rested as we were having our first safari starting at 3pm into the night 6pm.

the safari jeeps could not contain all of us together, so the kids went in one and we went in the other. now my friends have no idea how lucky there were. they got to see the big 5 through the next 3 days.
and it first started with the Rhino followed by the rarest of all – the leopard and right next door the car.
we also saw kudu, zebra, waterbuck, impala, guinea fowl, wildebeest, crocodile, hippo, birds of various shapes and sizes.

no one believed me when i said come dressed warmly. mmm until everyone was freezing in an open jeep when then sun goes down. i was nice and warm. the blankets that the lodge provided were welcomed.
that night after a very successful drive out, we came back to a roaring camp fire, drums and a wonderful hot kosher meal.